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Software Downloads

Software DownloadsSome of the applications we sell can be downloaded. In addition, some older applications that we no longer carry are still available for download.

To download, simply click the application name.

NOTE: Some installers are in the .zip format. You may have to download a zip extractor to run the installer.

Name Version Size
Dss Extractor Pro, downloads Dss files
Contact our support center for a free replacement or upgrade. NOTE: Prior purchase required
4.0.43 3.5MB
iChannel Express
Runs in Demo Mode without License Key
1.2.43 8.2MB
iChannel Lite
Runs in Demo Mode without License Key
1.1.51 6.2MB
iChannel Suite
Requires Voice Solutions Server
1.2.5 10.5MB
iNet 3
Requires Voice Solutions Server
3.4.03 9MB
VS Recorder
Requires USB voice card
1.4 83MB
Personal Player
Runs in Demo Mode without License Key
3.8 7.85MB
Philips DPM Setup Utility
Configures Philips DPM Portables 3.9MB
Philips Free Player
Plays Dss Files
4.2.04 380k
Works with Voice Solutions Server
2.12 6.1MB