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DH-50 VEC DH-50 Headset Product Type: Headset
Manufacturer: VEC
Product # DH50


This headset has a comfortable underchin U design with a dynamic single speaker for crisp sound. The connector plug comes in the following options: 3.5 mm mono right-angle, round Din for Philips/Norelco models, or 2 Prong for Dictaphone models.


- Underchin U design
- Dynamic single speaker for crisp sound
- 3.5 mm mono right-angle, round DIN, or 2 Prong connector
- 5 foot cord


DH-50 3.5 mm connector
DH-50N Round Din connector (compatible with Philips/Norelco models)
DH-50DP 2 Prong connector (compatible with Dictaphone models)

Package Contents:
DH-50 Headset

Color: Gray

Dimensions: 5ft cord

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