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Winscribe Winscribe Product Type: Digital Dictation System
Manufacturer: Winscribe, Inc.


Since 1995, Winscribe has been the solution of choice for customers around the world because of its robust and reliable feature set. Some of the features that differentiate it from other similar products is a web-based interface and back-end speech recognition. In larger environments, multiple Winscribe servers can be integrated for multiple facility application, load balancing or redundancy.

Key Features

- Dictate anywhere with touchtone telephones, computers, iPhones, Blackberrys and more
- Transcribe anywhere with network or internet access
- Web based software installation and maintenance
- Optional front end (client) or back end (server) speech recognition
- Route and manage your workflow in realtime for efficiency and a faster turnaround time
- Secure and encrypted transmission of voice data
- Full audit trail
- PACS, RIS, & HL7 integrations
- Create custom reports on demand or configure them to create on a set schedule
- User-defined security access levels
- SQL database for performance and reliability


- Reduced report turnaround time
- Lower costs with increased productivity and efficiency
- Return on investment, fast
- Greater versatility with remote dictation and transcription features

Is Winscribe Right For You?

Winscribe is perfect for medium to large enterprise environments and smaller companies who require features like back-end speech recognition or remote transcription.

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What is a Digital Dictation System
A DDS primarily handles the workflow and management of audio files. It has a central database to which these files are saved and then later transcribed.

Different products offer a variety of features. Some of the more common ones are: Remote transcription, telephony dictation, back-end speech recognition, productivity reports, and automated exporting to a third-party transcription service.