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Praxis EMR Praxis EMR Product Type: Electronic Medical Records (EMR / EHR)
Manufacturer: PRAXIS


Praxis is a unique Electronic Medical Record System that charts at the speed of your mind. Based on an artificial intelligence engine called the Concept Processor, Praxis continually learns your style, habits, and methodology to consistently improve patient documentation. Unlike many EMR systems today, there are no templates in Praxis. Templates slow you down by forcing you to fit your patients into endless pick-lists and popup windows, while limiting your freedom and thinking process. In addition, templates become more rigid and cumbersome as you use them.

How Praxis Works
Medicine is an art, and no two doctors practice it the same way. You are unique in the way you treat your patients, and handle your cases. Praxis instantly finds the closest encounter you have ever treated in relation to the one you are about to document, allowing you to use that case—with all its instructions, prescriptions, laboratory orders, patient handouts, and history—with your current patient. Praxis generates the new encounter instantly, in your own words, following your directions exactly. Praxis automatically prints or faxes prescriptions, sends instructions for your patients and staff , creates admitting orders for the hospital, procedure reports, work or school excuses, the works! The true beauty of the Concept Processor is that it instantly recalls all of your modifications in the future! So, when your next encounter falls between two similar cases, your editing is cut in half, and then by a quarter for the next case, and then by an eighth…etc. Soon, you document with extraordinary speed and accuracy, while continuously improving the quality of your writing and your practice of medicine.

Save Time
Automatic generation and printing of complex notes in recurrent patients with multiple chronic complaints

Clinical laboratory download, review, and filing in a logical manner learned from you

Flow Charts
Automatic flow charting of labs, medications, vital signs, labs, and clinical parameters to fit the situation

Tailored consult notes and referral letters

Case Management
Instant case-related prescriptions, admitting orders, patient instructions, procedure and operative reports
Digital Filing
Fast digital filing of scanned documents and imaging following your clinic workflow

Document Management
Patient-specific and assessment-related health maintenance systems

Case coding and super billing with E&M optimization

Powerful clinical scheduler linked to the Concept Processor

Integrates With Current Software
Seamless interfacing to virtually all of the best billing and clinical laboratory systems.


Key Features- Increase revenue with reduced transcription, staff, chart, and storage costs. Improve collections with billing tools.

Key Features- Improve the clinical process with automated patient documenting, procedure reports, faxed prescriptions, admittance orders and more

Key Features- Increase quality of care with reduced data entry errors, improved documentation, and more time for your patients

Is Praxis Right for You?

With the U.S. government's EMR mandate, implementing a quality EMR solution is more a matter of when, than if. Praxis is perfect for those looking to integrate an EMR solution into their existing practice management workflow.

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What is an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system?
An EMR system allows patient medical records to be created, modified, and stored for future retrieval electronically. This allows for easier physician review, reduced costs in paper files and storage space, as well as simplified transferal of patient records.

EMR systems are highly customizable, allowing you to only purchase the features that you or your company need.