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Voice Solutions Phoenix Voice Solutions Phoenix Product Type: Digital Dictation System
Manufacturer: Digital Accessories Corporation
Product # PHOENIX


The latest version of the Voice Solutions server, Phoenix is a digital solution for recording, managing, and transcribing dictation. It acts as your dictation hub and can run on a dedicated or virtual server.

Phoenix brings all of the features you have come to expect from a digital solution but with a very streamlined and user-friendly approach. End-users and admins alike will find it easy to learn while providing a highly customized and versatile experience. In addition, your data is always secure with encryption, profile permissions, and backup options. Phoenix has remote dictation, transcription, and management abilities through the secure HTTPS protocol. Telephony features can also be added.

Key Features

Dictate Your Way
Options include iPhone & Android app, telephony, dictate stations, computers and more
Transcribe Anywhere
Any computer with internet access or a telephone transcribe station allows for easy transcription
The Power of the Web
From the web interface, easily import or manage audio files and install client software
Meet Your Security Requirements
Meet government or company policies with a full audi trail, encrypted data, and user-defined security access restrictions
Powerful Management Tools
Easily route and manage your workflow in realtime, quickly edit groups of dictations, and create custom reports on demand
Intuitive administrative interface is easy to navigate and requires minimal training
Quality End-User Software
Keep end-users happy with the versatile and user-friendly PcDictate 2 (dictation) and iNet 3 (transcription)
Robust and Dependable
SQL database provides performance and Apache web server ensures reliability


Increase connectivity and management by linking multiple locations and remote clients
Save time with intuitive dictation management and report features
Return on investment, fast
Easily integrate into your existing infrastructure with minimal user training

Is Voice Solutions Phoenix For You?

Phoenix is perfect for small to medium environments that require an affordable yet powerful solution with minimal user training. Many are already enjoying the benefits of Phoenix in applications like:

  • Hospitals
  • Law Firms
  • Government Agencies
  • Medical Offices
  • Transcription Companies

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    Phoenix Overview Phoenix Details iNet 3 (Transcribe) PcDictate 2 (Dictate)
    What is a Digital Dictation System
    A DDS primarily handles the workflow and management of audio files. It has a central database to which these files are saved and then later transcribed.

    Different products offer a variety of features. Some of the more common ones are: Remote transcription, telephony dictation, back-end speech recognition, productivity reports, and automated exporting to a third-party transcription service.